Clubhouse Marketing Strategies

Clubhouse Marketing

Clubhouse Marketing Strategies

Clubhouse Marketing has been around for a long time, but few people seem to be aware of it. Clubhouse takes audio to a new level by combining audio with video and social media integration. Think podcasts, but interactive, live, and informative, Clubhouse Marketing is your new form of social media advertising everyone’s desperately trying to master yet!

How does it work? With the mobile app, each episode automatically plays on your phone or tablet as you listen to it live through an internet connection. You can then share the audio version on the air with your followers, or just share the episodes with friends who you think would be interested in what you’re sharing. No matter how you distribute the Clubhouse episodes, whether you’re using the mobile app to create buzz or just share the episodes with fans, the Clubhouse Social Media Marketing will help you create a viral explosion from the social media sites.

But you don’t need to create a huge blast to create buzz. Just a few well-placed posts on your page or on your blog can really create the viral explosion you’ve been dreaming of. For example, at the end of your blog post, you could mention the podcast and include a link to subscribe on that site. This will create more than just one person visiting your site, which means you’ll be on the fast track to Clubhouse Marketing success.

Another way to create Clubhouse Marketing is by using the mobile app to give away a free podcast recording. On every screen where there is a link, or wherever you have a widget on your mobile app, you can place a small “Clubs” button or a “Podmarked” button on it. Every time someone clicks this button or visits the site through the podcast, you get paid!

You can create even more Clubhouse Marketing by adding an opt in area for email updates. This area should have a link from your website, which will drive customers to join your list. You can use this list to promote other events, such as parties, open houses and special sales. This is one of my favorites because not only does it create extra Clubhouse Marketing opportunities for you, but also provides a way for me to be able to reach out to others who may be interested in what I’m promoting. The Clubhouse Networking page and other social media pages are great ways to create additional buzz about events, sales and specials. All of these methods help you build a list, drive traffic and promote free offers.

When you create a Clubhouse Marketing strategy, make sure that you are targeting people who will be interested in your events. Make sure you are reaching out to the entire demographic of the internet, not just one segment of it. If you only target one segment, you won’t create enough buzz. Create multiple streams of communication, including social media sites, emails, blog posts, press releases, flyers, etc. If you can create at least two or three high quality informational blogs, you’ll be well on your way to creating the most buzz possible, which will increase the number of people who will become Clubhouse Customers. Use your imagination, and think of new ways to bring awareness to your business through Clubhouse Marketing.