Effective Methods for Engaging With Consumers on Weibo

Weibo Marketing is one of the newest buzzwords in Internet Marketing today. Weibo stands for “microblogging”, and what better way to advertise in this day and age than by way of a micro-blogging site? With the rapid rise of Weibo, KOL (Korean Internet language) has become an important component of many Chinese Marketing Strategies. Weibo is like Twitter for Chinese, where it allows its users to “tag” a post with #service or #product. This tagging method increases the chances that your Weibo post will be shared with your audience.

Weibo Marketing

To make your Weibo marketing work, you have to first get high levels of engagement. In other words, the more posts you make on Weibo, the higher the chance someone will tag it and forward it to their friends. When you make use of the Weibo Open Source Content Platform, your post can be easily repurposed. Many web content platforms have the capability of repurposing content. For instance, by using this very same platform as Twitter, you can easily repurpose your Weibo post into a Twitter post.

As mentioned above, most people on Weibo are very familiar with the service, so the initial burst of engagement you get from your Weibo post will mostly be wasted. Most people on Weibo use the tags option, so you may want to take advantage of this by including your brand as part of your tags. Weibo has an internal review system in place, so using your Weibo contacts and featuring them in your tags will help you build trust amongst your audience. This is one of the best advantages to making use of the Weibo platform as part of a solid content strategy for your KOL efforts.

Social Media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are slowly becoming overwhelmed with Weibo posts from KOL customers, so this should not be your first choice for spreading your brand. In some cases, Weibo posts may appear randomly across your timeline, which can make it difficult to spread your messages across the different social media channels. For many marketers, this is an acceptable trade-off since their ultimate goal is to engage their audience and gain exposure. Your Weibo marketing efforts should focus on delivering on this goal, so choose your Weibo posts carefully.

The third most effective method for marketing through Weibo is via promotions. Promotions can be one of the most effective methods for engaging your target audience and building brand awareness, but you have to be careful how you go about this. It is important to remember that when promoting your Weibo marketing campaign, you should not act as a marketer or spammer. If your promotions do not adhere to these principles, your page may end up being blocked or banned, which could severely hinder your ability to continue using Weibo for marketing purposes. Use the guidelines set forth by the platform itself, or by your company, to promote your campaigns.

The final option for interacting with your audience is through the popular Weibo hashtags. Hashtags are very helpful for getting your promotional information out to all Weibo users, but the most popular hash tags are #Weibo, # biscuits, and # noodles. Popular tags on Weibo will attract users who are searching for information relating to your product or service, and therefore may be more likely to turn into customers. You may also want to include the keyword for your Weibo campaign in your tags, but if you do this, make sure that your keywords are related to your campaign information as well. This will ensure that your campaign information will appear in the search results, which will then increase your chances of gaining more exposure.