Chat Bot Marketing

The use of Chatbot in the field of marketing is nothing new to most of us, however with the advent of newer and advanced technologies it has been utilized more effectively to improve customer service. Chatbot has the ability to do automated customer service, support and enquiry management; it can be programmed to perform these functions accurately and efficiently. As a result of its intelligent processing power and ability to quickly process customer requests, chatbot marketing has gained much attention and popularity from all types of businesses.

Chatbot Marketing

How does it work? When you go to any of the online shopping sites, or any of the popular social networking sites, you will find that the vast majority of the user interface is done with a chatbox. This is actually where the bot is able to interact with the customer and make the sale. In some instances it might be possible for the customer to talk to a live agent however, this is very rare and unlikely at best. It is usually the case that the customer simply types in their information, clicks on a choice and enters their credit card number or other personal information and hits enter. In the blink of an eye the bot has found a willing buyer, and sent it’s promotional message to their computer screen.

The bot does not have to be limited to the internet and can be used offline as well. Many supermarkets use chatbot marketing as a way to encourage customers to use the facilities and supermarkets offer vouchers if they purchase their groceries using the voucher code. This offers a very efficient method for supermarkets to market their product to the people that use that facility everyday. Another supermarket company, a branch of Tesco, have also found this method to be effective in improving their customer service and lead generation methods and have incorporated it into their Facebook marketing campaign.

Chatbot Marketing has moved onto other services such as mobile phones and the MySpace music service. Its uses are growing and there is no sign of its popularity dying down either. Chat Bots are now also making their way into social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These automated services are also starting to appear on other websites and messaging systems and will soon command huge levels of popularity. The main attraction of chatbot marketing is its efficiency in generating leads, and of course, sales.

The potential for chatbot marketing is growing because of two main factors, the rising popularity of social networking and messaging apps, and the ever growing user base of these messenger apps. Because more people are signing up for these new communication systems, more people will be able to read their messages and potentially join their friend’s chats or groups. This is why loyalty programs within the chatbot community are so successful. People sign up to chat groups or to receive updates from their friends, but they can also use the messaging app to talk about their own interests.

The ability to advertise by means of chat bots is also exciting because of the convenience it provides. Rather than having to maintain a team of sales and marketing staff, or hire out a large team to work on traditional advertising methods, a chatbot can handle everything. All that’s needed to launch this kind of campaign is to create a profile for the bot, make sure that it is attractive enough to catch the attention of many people, then place the bot into various places where it will probably receive plenty of visitors. Chatbot marketing will be very popular in the coming years, and already existing chat bots are automating a huge number of tasks for us.